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Completely Online Application

Order Detailed Credit Reports
Completely Online Credit Application
Prevent Unpaid Invoices At Source

Eliminate the errors and risks associated with paper forms and customer' credit references - use market data and business credit scores to assess business risk from your new customers

Assess the Credit Risk of your new customers based on market data

“At ezyCollect, we want suppliers to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to protecting their business from avoidable risk. We give you day-to-day insights based on how your customers are paying you and other suppliers so that business operators have easy access to the information they need to take corrective action.”

Aj Singh
CEO, ezyCollect

AJ Singh - Founder ezyCollect - Credit Applications, Credit Insights, Simplypaid


How can I set-up and configure online Credit Application form?

We have designed this online credit application form to be simple and easy to use for you as a supplier and for your prospect/customer as they go through the steps. You can customize with your own branding (logo and color) and you will need to upload a copy of your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Learn how to configure your online credit application form here. You can also see asample of an online credit application form template here.

How can I send this new online credit application form to my prospects and/or customers looking to apply for business credit?

You can easily share your online credit application form once configured by following these simple steps.

How can I process some or all of the online credit application forms that I have received?

Check out our simple credit application process guideline.

What should I do with business risk and insights information?

The risk analysis is designed to give you action-oriented insights. Use the information in conjunction with your business’ policies and terms to determine credit terms for your new customers and your next course of action to avert a financial loss.

How can I share the credit application with my potential customers?

Check out this simple process on sharing your credit application form with new customers

Prevent Unpaid Invoices at Source

Order Detailed Credit Reports

  • Eliminate errors associated with paper forms
  • Easy to use online process for quicker onboarding
  • Automated connection to your ERP
  • Complete audit trail on every step of the process
  • Give your new customers a great experience
  • Manage your credit exposure based on individual customer risks
  • Make decisions based on detailed market data
  • Add higher-risk customers to monitoring service
  • Data based insights to offer your sales team
  • Get summary or detailed reports in one click for potential new customers based on their ABN
  • Sidestep cumbersome manual processes and forms
  • Rely on insights and data, not just on customer provided names for reference checks
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Get a detailed business risk report in one click

Order a detailed credit risk report straight from the dashboard for high risk customers, that covers:

Late Payment Risk Score
Credit Application - Failure Risk Score
  • Adverse event details
  • List of directors and adverse director experiences
  • Detailed payment risk analysis
  • Key influencing factors for the payment risk analysis
  • Legal events, collections and commercial defaults
  • Corporate ownership details
  • Previous risk enquiries
View a Sample Risk Report
Detailed Business Credit Report
See a sample report

Late Payment Risk Score

Failure Risk Score

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