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  • Your customers are grouped into action-based lists based on day-to-day insights
  • Add high-risk customers to your monitoring service for near-real-time alerts
  • Get updates on adverse events - court actions against the business or directors
  • Identify your low-risk customers and nurture them for growth
  • Empower your team to focus on growth

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Get business risk scores for your customers based on sector and company-specific live data

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“At ezyCollect, we want suppliers to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to protecting their business from avoidable risk. We give you day-to-day insights based on how your customers are paying you and other suppliers so that business operators have easy access to the information they need to take corrective action.”

Aj Singh
CEO, ezyCollect


How are my customers categorised into groups?

Our system analyses three data sources to categorise your customers into risk groups: their late payment score and failure risk score provided by illion; their current degree of lateness in paying your invoices (as recorded in your accounting software); and your own thresholds for reasonable-to-critical lateness. (We have default settings that you can change.)

Will you categorise every customer?

We use a few pieces of information to allocate your customer to a risk group.
- Australian Business Number (ABN)
- If a registered business number isn’t available, then we look to match the debtor’s business name and address in your accounting software with an ABN or NZBN.

Can my customer’s risk rating change?

Yes, and this will be reflected in your dashboard. If a customer’s risk group rating or risk level changes, it means that data from at least one of the three data sources we use has changed enough to move your customer's rating. Your internal data may change daily as your customers trade with you. We receive external trade data from illion once per month.

What should I do with business risk and insights information?

The risk analysis is designed to give you action-oriented insights. Use the information in conjunction with your business’ policies and terms to determine your next course of action to avert a financial loss.

How many customers can I add to my monitoring service?

Our plans allow you to choose up to 100, 200, 300 or custom-size customers to our monitoring service. You will receive dashboard notifications when these selected customers register a notable change to their activity in the market.
ezyCollect will also analyse and rate customers that aren’t included in your monitoring service. Every eligible customer regardless of the size of your customer database will be analysed and rated.

How quickly will I receive business risk insights and data?

Your business risk and insights hub will immediately start receiving relevant alerts for the customers you have selected for monitoring. Your customers will be analysed and assigned credit risk ratings 2 to 4 weeks after ezyCollect recognises a new customer on your books. Once assigned, a customer's credit risk can change daily.

What is illion?

illion, formerly known as Dun and Bradstreet, is a leading credit and risk reporting bureau in Australasia. ezyCollect works in partnership with Illion’s commercial credit registry for trusted data and analytics on commercial entities’ credit profiles.

ezyCollect analyses your internal customer data and aggregates it with illion’s external data on your customers’ trade payment activity in the wider market. See every customer’s low-to-severe risk of late payments as it relates to your business.

Onboard new customers who are good for you

Act early and get paid faster

  • Risk analysis dashboard
  • Add high-risk customers to a real-time alerts service
  • Automated connection to your ERP
  • Incorporates best-in-class late payment and failure risk data from credit reporting bureau illion
  • Groups customers by recommended risk management actions
  • Negotiate early for payment success
  • Adjust your credit terms according to credit risk
  • Prioritise your credit controller’s collection activity
  • Easily escalate to debt collection with a single click
  • Get summary or detailed reports in one click for potential new customers based on their ABN
  • Sidestep cumbersome manual processes and forms
  • Rely on insights and data, not just on customer provided names for reference checks
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Get a detailed business risk report in one click

Order a detailed credit risk report straight from the dashboard for high risk profiles, that covers:

  • Adverse event details
  • List of directors and adverse director experiences
  • Detailed payment risk analysis
  • Key influencing factors for the payment risk analysis
  • Legal events, collections and commercial defaults
  • Corporate ownership details
  • Previous risk enquiries
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