Would you like to eliminate unpaid invoices in your business?

ezyCollect's AR automation platform will chase all your unpaid and overdue invoices for you - our clients typically see a 40% reduction in outstanding overdues within the first four months. 

Increase your cash flow, free your time from the minutiae of AR - it's like having an extra person in your team, one who never sleeps!

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“We’ve had excellent support from the ezyCollect team. They prioritise their customers better than any of our other providers.”
-Brodie Rembert

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Customers can pay online with one click from your invoice or reminder.  Their payment portal lets them view and download invoices, pay one or more invoices on the spot, part-pay, or pay later while you get paid upfront.

Connect to customers with timely and error-free account communications that look and sound like your business. Know when to come out of auto-pilot and pick up the phone. Automatically send a thank you email when customers pay.

Keep a close eye on at-risk receivables with daily risk analysis of every credit customer.  Quickly identify high-risk accounts and act. Know real-time balances owing as online credit card payments  are auto-allocated .

ezyCollect AR Automation Dashboard
  • View a complete history of communications, notes and disputes
  • Receive a daily list of collection calls to complete
  • Monitor credit risks in real-time and take action
  • Send a demand letter or go legal
  • Control which debtors and invoices to chase

Stay on top of every AR task

Get started for free today, supercharge your business for faster cash recovery.


Get started for free today, supercharge your accounts receivables process for faster cash recovery and stronger cash flow


AR Professionals love ezyCollect

“It’s like a switch. Customers just start paying!”
-Paolo Coniglio

“I’ve found that customers no longer ignore our email reminders…the email tracking feature shows me when a reminder email has been opened, so I feel well-informed whenever I respond to my customers.”
-Katie Stott

We’re a 5-star app!

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Be easy to pay

Humanise automation

Leverage insights

ezyCollect Pay Now AR Integration for Faster Cashflow
ezyCollect AR Automation For Better Customer Relations and AR Management
ezyCollect AR Automation Credit Insights
Automate Accounts Receivables with ezyCollect

ezyCollect integrates out of the box with major accounting packages

ezyCollect integrates with Xero
ezyCollect integrates with MYOB
ezyCollect integrates with Oracle Netsuite
ezyCollect integrates with Sage 300
ezyCollect integrates with Pronto
ezyCollect integrates with Attache
ezyCollect integrates with Sage
ezyCollect integrates with Sage

Eliminating late payments forever

Over 1300 clients across 18 countries trust us to automate their Accounts Receivables

Over the last 12 months, we processed over 10 mn invoices for our clients

Over $100 MN in payments processed for our clients

Over 3,300 active users on the platform

Over 440k customers followed up on behalf of our clients

Over 16 years in total time saved for our clients in the last year

ezyCollect 1300 Accounts Receivables Automation Clients
ezyCollect over 10 MN invoices collected
ezyCollect over 100 Mn in payments collected
ezyCollect over 3300 Active AR users
ezyCollect Manages over 44000 Debtors and Accounts
145000 AR man hours saved in the last 12 months

Let our experience with AR automation enhance your business

Communications and Tracking for Accounts Receivables Automation

Communications and Tracking

Get a 360-degree holistic view instantly on your accounts receivables, cash flow, debtor database, invoices, payment reminders, online payments and payment allocations. 

This makes it easy for you to optimise your cashflow and view your entire AR book from one view, and minimize your overdue accounts to optimise your cashflow

Automated Accounts Receivables Workflows
Customer Scores and Risk Analyses to protect you from bad debts

Automated workflows

Set automated reminders by post, SMS, or email and leverage the ‘Daily to-dos’ that prioritise aging accounts and phone calls. A comprehensive overview of all aspects of overdue accounts while adopting a structured approach to debt collection 

 This makes it easy for your team to action outstanding & overdue accounts and increases the likelihood of getting paid faster – which means more cash in the bank and less working capital needed.  

Risk Analysis

Get in-depth insights into the credit history, payment predictions, and credit scores of new customers, giving you the confidence you need when onboarding them. The platform also analyses your debtor book on a daily basis to let you identify how your customers are paying you.

This gives you insights that help you manage your risk on the basis of actual data and keeps you in control. 

Streamlined Payment Option

The ‘Pay now’ button on invoices, statements, and emails sent enables seamless one-click payment. Every customer can view and download invoices on a personalised payment portal. 

This makes it easier for your customers to pay you and reducing the likelihood of outstanding and overdue accounts. 

Add A Pay Now button to your invoices and get paid faster

Debt Collection

With just a click, you can send a demand letter or outsource to a recovery agency and take timely action on debt payments. 

This enables quicker escalation when needed.

One Click Escalation unpaid invoices to Debt Collection

Get started for free today, supercharge your accounts receivables process for faster cash recovery and stronger cash flow


Get started for free today, supercharge your accounts receivables process for faster cash recovery and stronger cash flow