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Our XERO clients see a ~43% reduction in their overdue invoices within 6 months of connecting ezyCollect

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Customers can pay online with one click from your invoice or reminder.  Their payment portal lets them view and download invoices, pay one or more invoices on the spot, part-pay, or pay later while you get paid upfront.

Connect to customers with timely and error-free account communications that look and sound like your business. Know when to come out of auto-pilot and pick up the phone. Automatically send a thank you email when customers pay.

Keep a close eye on at-risk receivables with daily risk analysis of every credit customer.  Quickly identify high-risk accounts and act. Know real-time balances owing as online credit card payments  are auto-allocated to Xero.


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AR Dashboard For XERO
  • View a complete history of communications, notes and disputes
  • Receive a daily list of collection calls to complete
  • Monitor credit risks in real-time and take action
  • Send a demand letter or go legal
  • Control which debtors and invoices to chase

Stay on top of every AR task

Get started for free today.
Supercharge Xero for faster cash recovery.


Get started for free today.
Supercharge Xero for faster cash recovery.


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ezyCollect Syncs with XERO

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Be easy to pay

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Pay Now Button On Your XERO invoices
Automated statements for XERO
Track Credit Risk for XERO Creditors
Automated Accounts Receivables for XERO

Why XERO users love ezyCollect

  • Payment Write Back: Automatically record payments against customer invoices in Xero with Payment Write Back 
  • Add a ‘Pay Now’ button and allow customers to pay multiple invoices with SimplyPaid*
  • AR Dashboard Get a bird’s eye view of your AR with the AR Dashboard 
  • Customer Risk Ratings: Customize credit terms based on Customer Risk Ratings
  • Send Consolidated Reminders with Xero invoices attached and build stronger relationships 
  • Centralised Customer CommunicationSee an overall record of your customer communication in one place 
  • Call Scheduling: Get control of the AR workday  for overdue invoices

“ezyCollect, your product is already excellent but the regular improvements and innovations you include in the existing subscription are such good value for money, and one of the reasons I highly recommend your product to all my clients, who do use it! You simply have the best receivables management program on the market in my opinion. SME's need this automated product to manage their receivables well and keep their cash flow at optimum levels. I'm very impressed with your constant commitment to the product you're providing to your customers. Keep up the good work, you rock! ”

- Amanda Lee, Receivables Management Industry Expert

Trusted by more than 1300 companies in over 28 countries

“My company has been using EzyCollect for a few months now. It has dramatically decreased the payment times of our accounts receivable and gives me peace of mind knowing that the system is managing the process on my behalf. I would definitely recommence EzyCollect to any business that is having trouble managing their debtors, it pays for itself many times over. ”

- Karen, ezyCollect Client & AR Professional

“Love the program, love the automation of communications that go out especially when flat out and have not been able to do all calls. Payments have been coming in on-time more regular basis without follow-up. Absolutely love the pre reminder email this has increased the number of customers who are paying when they receive this so the accounts are paid a few days early instead of a few days late. ”

- Marion M, ezyCollect Client & AR Professional

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